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Plaster Scissors


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We see and face certain kind of accidents on quite regular basis. Sometimes when the accidents are severe, there is a situation of broken bone then we need certain types of things for making that broken bone repaired or healed. The material that is used for making a case of the broken body part is made up of plaster of Paris in which the cotton is implanted and it becomes hard after the manufacturing. It is wet at the time of manufacturing and becomes hard when it gets dried. Sometimes the plaster is required for some body parts or in some cases it is required for the whole body.

The casts that are used for plasters are of different types. These types are upper extremity casts, lower extremity casts, cylinder cast and various other types. The plaster is placed on a body for certain period of time and when the bone is healed completely then plaster is took off from the body. When the plaster need to be removed then scissors called as plaster scissor is required for cutting of the plaster. plaster scissors is made up of stainless steel material in order that it can be durable. Apart from cutting of the plaster it can also cut the gauge. The blades of the scissors are sharp enough to cut the plaster easily without any trouble. The handles of the plaster scissors are made up of soft plastic and mostly are designed for the right hand use. Size of the scissor also varies from company to company.

The length of the plaster scissor is generally six to seven inches and it is curved in shape. The curve of the scissor starts from the joint of the scissor. It is considered as a main element in the surgical instruments series. Blade of the scissor is also made long in length. The tip of the scissor is blunt and hence it is easy to penetrate the scissor deep in the plaster without hurting the skin. Alloys and some ferrous materials are also used for this manufacturing along with stainless steel.

Blacksmith Surgical is providing the best quality instruments for the purpose. They are providing the best quality from the year of 2000. If you want to order the plaster scissors then you have to place the order at least in the number of hundred pieces. The company is dealing in the country of Pakistan as well as making the goods of exporting quality. The details of the plaster scissors can be seen on their website along with the latest prices available. The maximum availability of the scissors in a month is two thousand pieces. The plaster scissors are available up to the size of twenty four centimeters. Packing available for the scissors are common export packing. Another type of scissor is available that is called as burn plaster scissor and that ahs got curved tip one is pointed and one is blunt and one blade is slightly longer than the other one.


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