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Micro Needle Holders


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As surgical instruments continues to advance, so does the type and complication of Surgical instrumentation. surgical instruments are a main investment in the hospital setting and require extraordinary care and handling to maintain appropriate function and longevity.

This is reliant solely on how an apparatus is cared and used for. The operating room staff, along with the SPD expertise, is required to apply, collect, and differentiate thousands of unique types of surgical instruments and procedure.

Staff is responsible for inspecting the surgical instruments earlier to sterilization to assure the surgical instruments have been cleaned appropriately, tested, and checked for suitable function and damage and assembled according to a precise and detailed procedure list, approved upon by the operating room. A damaged surgical instrument should be sent for mend and a replacement placed in the set. Instruments are divided into numerous classifications:

(1) Hand held, which consist of common use, micro surgical, and laser.

(2) Elastic and rigid endoscopes that involve light carriers and fiber optic cords, Fiber optic firm telescopes used with bridges, sheaths, and obturators.

(3) Powered tools which can be electrically, pneumatic, or battery operated.

Micro Needle Holders: Sometimes referred to as needle drivers, this sort of the instrument is mostly ring handled, similar to hemostats but with minor jaws which are shorter and thicker. Needle holders grip needles which are attached with sutures. These instruments are also accessible in a variety of lengths and styles and might be curved or straight. Needle holders have included in the jaw to prevent extreme wear on the instrument. These inserts are mostly made from tungsten carbide pellet in cobalt or other metallic stick. Needle holders’ inserts are usually identified with gold coated handles. They can be substituted as they wear down, that extends the durability of the needle holder and defrays the substitute cost of an entire instrument. Examples of needle holders: Olsen-Hegar, Collier, Crile –wood, Mayo-Hegar and Webster.

Needle holders can also have spiral handles which allow the user highest results with last rotation of the wrist and hand.

Blacksmith Surgical is well known in the meadow of surgical instruments, instruments with stainless steel hollow wares and also many other stainless steel hospital material and medical stuff. Blacksmith surgical has been manufacturing and send abroad stainless steel instruments or products like micro needles holders, nail clippers, Dental trays, Douche cans, dressing drums, bed pans, Catheter trays, etc.

They are a reliable name in the industry as a producer, exporter and trader of a excellence assured variety of microsurgical devices and instruments. Their equipment is specially designed for performing surgeries and is accessible for the clients in various types like, micro needle holders, micro scissors and micro forceps. The range is offered to the clients at most competitive prices.


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