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Gynecology Scissor


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Ask a question about this product


Ask a question about this product


Gynecology is the field of medical sciences that is related to the health of reproductive system of female including the organs such as ovary, uterus and vagina. After the completion of five years of general medical studies a specialization is needed to become a gynecologist. This term is often used nowadays with the term obstetrics that combines the knowledge of clinical pathology with the information about women health either pregnant or non pregnant. These both terms are abbreviated as OB/GYN. Surgery is the major and complicated task in any field of medical sciences and it requires a great skill and handling of instruments. As we all know that surgical instruments are present in specialized designs for different body parts. First thing that matters in the use of these surgical instruments is the quality of these instruments.

In the field of gyne we can find the list of surgical instruments either in any medical catalog or on the internet. To name some surgical instruments in the field of gyne we have speculum, scalpel, giant vulsellum, forceps, gynecological scissors, forceps and many others. Scissors are major part of surgical instruments that are generally used specially for cutting. gynecological scissors are available in different shapes and sizes. gynecological scissors are straight, curved or angular in shape. The length of the gynecological scissors also varies according to utilize and features. Gynecological scissors are made with stainless steel as the surgical instruments are used again and again after sterilization. If proper material is not used then the surgical instruments can become corroded. Corroded or unsterilized instrument can cause threat to the human life and hence special care is required in manufacturing the surgical instruments

Different types of gynecological scissors are present that are used for certain kind of purposes. The size of the gynecological scissors also varies depending on the functionality. The general range of size is between eleven centimeters to eighteen centimeters. Distance between the joint and the tips of the scissor is large. Gynecological scissor that is curved or is angular is not bent at the tip but it is bent before the joint. The tips and blades of the Gynecological scissor are also quite sharp.

To buy the best quality gynecological scissors most appropriate place is Blacksmith Surgical. It is the company that is dealing in surgical instruments since 2000. The origin of the Blacksmith Surgical is in Pakistan and now it is also producing the goods of export quality. If you are looking for different kinds packing for your surgical instruments then it is also available on their store. The good thing is that they provide their customers with different sort of packing free of cost. The least order that can be positioned for the gynecological scissor is in hundred pieces and the maximum availability for the month is almost thousand pieces. The prices of the surgical instruments tend to change and their price update on a regular basis. You can easily view on their site the latest prices of the products. Apart from surgical instruments they are also dealing in beauty and surgical instruments.


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