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Dressing Forceps


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Dressing Forceps 152-154
Dressing Forceps 153-154
Towel Forceps 154-154
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Dissecting Forceps Dissecting Forceps are another kind of forceps which are used in the medical field. These are also quite similar to tweezers. The difference however is that when using Dissecting Forceps, the person using them is able to quickly and easily grab a hold of any small object. It is also used in transporting, holding or releasing any kind of tissue using varying amounts of pressure. The name Dissecting Forceps would generally suggest that this tool is used for dissection purposes. However in reality, this instrument is rarely used for dissecting anything. They are simply an extension of the surgeon’s grip. These are also used since they provide a certain amount of convenience when needles, tissue and sutures are held and are being dealt with. Dissecting Forceps are generally used to hold tissue in place so that sutures can be applied properly. It is also used in moving tissue away when a surgery is taking place.
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