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Diagnostics instruments

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There are many category of tools and instruments that physicians and surgeons make use of. Diagnostic instruments are one of the categories of tools which are used by physicians when trying to determine and diagnose what illness a patient has.

A stethoscope is one such instrument which is used to listen to the patient’s chest cavity, the heartbeat and pulse points. This instrument is considered to be one for a non-invasive exam. It is used to determine whether the patient has regular heartbeats and whether there is congestion present in the lungs.

A reflex hammer is an instrument which falls under this category of tools. It is used in testing the tendon reflexes of a patient. It is a basic tool which is used commonly in health exams and it has been in use since the 1800’s. The reflex hammer is one which a physician uses in order to test how neurologically stable a patient is.

An otoscope is another instrument which physicians make use of. This tool is used to look inside the patient’s ear however due to its specific design; the physician is able to use it in a variety of application. Since this is a commonly used tool by doctors, it is easily available at a variety of medical stores.

A dental mirror is another diagnostic tool which is used by doctors, dentists in particular. It is a mirror which is placed into the mouth of the patient and the mirror is attached to a long handle. This is a very important tool for a dentist since his/her work includes examining and conducting procedures in the mouth of the patient only. However the dentist’s mirror is not limited for use in this particular field only; it has been used and still is used in a variety of medicinal fields.

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