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Bandage Scissors


Ask a question about this product


Ask a question about this product


Nursing is a quite important profession nowadays and it is associated with the service of patients with any kind of disease. The profession of nursing also requires proper medical training and proper study. Nowadays the institutes for the training of nurses are present all over the world and many people are adopting this profession. The quite general duties of the nurse include measuring blood pressure, giving injection, changing bandages or many other things. One main thing is that nurses must be good in the handling of certain kinds of surgical instruments s that are used for different purposes. Most commonly the nurses are subjected for applying the bandages to the injured patients and for changing of the bandages. Bandages can be changed with the help of bandage scissors.

Bandage scissors are the part of surgical instruments and can be bought from numerous shops. The tip of the scissor is blunt and the one blade of the scissor is sharp. Bandage scissors of the scissor is angular also. The tip of the scissor is kept blunt so that it can easily penetrate under the bandage without damaging the wound on the skin. If the tip is sharp then there are chances of damaging the wound. The blade that is present at the bottom is longer as compared to the other blade so that it can easily penetrate under the bandage. Bandage scissors are made up of stainless steel for making them durable and for prevention of corrosion. Other materials like alloys and hard metals can also be used in manufacturing the bandage scissors.

The material that is used for the plating of the Bandage scissors must be selected carefully according to the blade of the scissor. Bandage scissors are a very good addition in the first aid kit and they can easily cut any material like cloth, metal or plastic. The blade of the scissor is serrated in order to avoid the slipping of scissor. Bandages scissors are also available win different colors of plastic cover for loops. The length of the Bandage scissors is reasonably long enough. Bandage scissors is also used for cutting of medical gauge. Different varieties of the scissors are Lister and Knowles. The scissor is not only used by surgeons as a surgical instrument but it is also used by dentist, assistants and nurses.

The best option for buying of dental, beauty and surgical instrument is Blacksmith Surgical. This is the company that is dealing in this field from the year of 2000. Blacksmith surgical is not only dealing at the local level in Pakistan but it is also exporting the goods to the foreign countries. The surgical instruments must be ordered at least in form of hundred pieces. The maximum ordering availability of the surgical instruments for a month is thousand pieces in one month. The size of the available bandages scissor starts form four or five inches. Customers can also order different kinds of packing for scissor at Blacksmith Surgical and the good thing is that this option is free of cost.


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