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People, at times, experience breathing difficulties caused by any form of blockage in the airways such as tumours, regional trauma, serious infection of the airways, edema of the airways, and any foreign body dislodged in the anatomical passage of air. Due to theses conditions, and many others more, a tracheostomy is performed by a doctor. It is a surgically-created hole through the anterior part of the neck and into the trachea. The aim of doing this procedure is to provide an alternative patent airway that helps a person breathe when using the common route for breathing is out of the question. One usual indication for performing tracheostomy is when long-term use of a ventilator is warranted. When the opening is no longer needed, it is either allowed to close naturally, or it is shut surgically. Blacksmith Surgical has a collection of dependable instrumentsTracheostomy Tray – to assist the doctors perform the procedure efficiently.

A total number of thirty-three (33) instruments comprise the Tracheostomy Tray. Blacksmith Surgical includes surgical knife handles since the method involves creating a temporary hole through the neck. More instruments – Adson, Allis and Skillman mosquito forceps; and Metzenbaum, Mayo, and Spencer stitch scissors – are incorporated in the Tracheostomy Tray by Blacksmith Surgical. Also, several retractors – such as the Lukens and Weitlaner trachea retractor – are put in the set for the purpose of holding the surgically-incised hole open. Dilators, sponge holding forceps, needle holders, and suction tubes are also added.

When it comes to buying the best Tracheostomy Tray that the doctors can rely on, trust only Blacksmith Surgical’s. Surgeons basically depend much on the quality of the instruments they use to perform above standard operative procedures. Blacksmith Surgical surely provides high end products made from quality materials. The articles in the Tracheostomy Tray are approved by medical practitioners in different major hospitals and facilities. The process of exhaustive product testing is done to make sure that Blacksmith Surgical delivers only the best items to its clients. The items in the Tracheostomy Tray manufactured by Blacksmith Surgical passed tests for their safe and easy utilization.


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S.No. Set Description of item Qty
Surgical Knife Handle #3 1
Crile Hemostat, 5.5", Cvd. 4
Lukens Trachea Retactor, 6.75" 1
Trachea Retractor, 6.5", 1 Prong, Sharp 1
Weitlaner Retractor, 5.25", Sharp 1
Crile Wood Needle Holder, Light 1
Skillman Mosquito Forceps, 5", Str 3
Skillman Mosquito Forceps, 5", Cvd 3
Allis Forceps, 5 x 6, 6" 2
Mayo Pean, 5.5", Cvd. 2
Ballenger Sponge Forceps, 7", Cvd 1
Backhaus Towel Clamp, 3" 4
Jackson-Trousseau Dilator, 6" 1
Adson Tissue Forceps, 1 x 2, 5" 1
Adson Tissue Forceps, 5", Serr. Tips 1
Spencer Stitch Scissors, 4.75" 1
Mayo Scissors, 6.75", Cvd. 1
Metzenbaum Scissors, 5.5", Cvd. 1
Cushing Vein Retractor, 8" 2
Yankauer Suction Tube S.S. 1


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