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Skin Biopsy set


The appearance of some dermatological disorders may not be consistent to the typical lesion that the diseases ought to manifest. Because of this, a skin biopsy is necessary; so the skin lesions are either scraped or removed and sent to a pathologist for a more comprehensive diagnosing. Commonly, the procedure takes place in the dermatologist’s office, with the physician using local anaesthetic. The two most common biopsy procedures are: incisional biopsy in which a cut that reaches the subcutaneous fat is created, and excisional biopsy in which the whole lesion or tissue growth is removed. Each has its own indication. This procedure may sound easy, but when done improperly can greatly affect the diagnosing process. Hence, aside from being skilful, a good set of instruments is warranted too. Blacksmith Surgical has a Skin Biopsy Set that aims to help doctors do the skin biopsy efficiently.

An array of thirty-two (32) instruments is introduced by Blacksmith Surgical in the Skin Biopsy Set. It includes types of dissecting forceps which are ideal for micro-dissection procedures, and artery forceps for grasping and compressing blood vessels. Hypodermic needles, a retractor, needle holders, surgical blade holders and sponge holding forceps – being basic instruments – are also part of the set. Blacksmith Surgical adds gallipots for containing the specimen. A round-bodied needle and stitch scissors are also incorporated in the Skin Biopsy Set for suturing soft tissues.

The highest priority in any operative procedure is to make sure that every step of the process is done skilfully. Blacksmith Surgical has the Skin Biopsy Set that will make the goal possible. Blacksmith Surgical promises production of high end instruments made by enhanced materials because it aims to fulfil its vision to improve the quality of life of people. The company’s product line is composed of thousands of patterns of precision crafted instruments. Blacksmith Surgical guarantees that every instrument is made of sturdy, best quality stainless steel, designed to exacting resistance and measurements and meticulously subjected to test for reliability and safety. With this, Blacksmith Surgical, because of manufacturing only the best instruments, endlessly receive recognition from different medical facilities worldwide.

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S.No. Set Description of item Qty
40 Skin Biopsy set
Sponge holding forceps, s/s Forster Ballenger 180mm 1
Towel clip for caps, s/s Backhaus 2
BP Handle No.3 1
Dissecting forceps plain s/s, plain standard 115mm 2
Dissecting forceps toothed straight s/s 1
Standard 105mm 2
Artery forceps 6 inch s/s straight 4
Artery forceps 7 inch toothed s/s 2
Artery forceps s/s mosquito Dandy curved sideways 140mm 2
Needle Holder Hegar Mayo s/s 150mm. 2
Round body needle              2 small & 2 large 4
Stitch scissors straight standard s/s 115mm 1
Gallipots s/s 70mm 2
Kidney bowl s/s large 150 x 73 mm Small 2
Retractor 10 cc Nylon syringe, 2 Hypodermic needles. 4

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