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Ophthalmology set


There are many eye disorders that warrant surgery. The most common reason why operations are done is that the eye condition poses a great threat to the function of the eyes, which in time would progress to blindness. Some of the common eye diseases that need surgical intervention are cataracts, glaucoma, and serious retinal, orbital, and corneal problems. It is not hard to discern that the eyes are delicate organs. Therefore, during the entire period of the operative process, special care and precautions are required. An expert eye surgeon must recognize the necessary procedures and conduct them safely. Nowadays, many eye surgeries are becoming more successful because of innovative procedures and highly-dependable tools. Blacksmith Surgical makes the revolution possible because of its quality products used for eye surgeries – the Ophthalmology Set.

A total of eighty-nine instruments consist the Ophthalmology Set put together by Blacksmith Surgical. The collection of instruments includes the scissors: Westcott, corneal enlarging, iris, and plain eyes; the forceps: peripheral iridectomy, superior rectus, intra- and extracapsular, and chalazion; and lid specula and retractors. Other special instruments such as cystitomes, curettes, spatula, iris repository, and canaliculus dilator are part of the Ophthalmology Set. The basic surgical instruments are also added by Blacksmith Surgical: artery, dissecting, toothed and plain forceps; needle holders and surgical blade handle; and skin hook, razor blade and pressure reducer.

The most important thing when members of the health care team perform delicate procedures on their patients is to have reliable instruments and devices that would efficiently help them perform well every step of the process. This is possible because Blacksmith Surgical has the best Ophthalmology Set. Using the proper tools, eye surgeons surely perform the operative procedures best. Blacksmith Surgical makes it certain that the equipment undergo strict quality tests to ensure that only the top products are delivered to the clients. The Blacksmith Surgical set comes in a package of equally high quality.

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S.No. Set Description of item Qty
36 Ophthalmology set
Rod, stirring, glass, 300x8mm 2
Loupe, operating, x 3 B2197L 1
Pillow case, Ruens, child's size 1
Pressure reducer, with footplate 1
Sharps, Wordsworth cautery, steel 1
Blade, razor, fragment holder, 120mm long 1
Cannula, anterior chamber, Castroviejo, 0 and 5mm 2
Curette, Chalazion, size F 2
Cystitomes and curettes, Graefes 1
Dilator, canaliculus, Nettleship pattern (1no) 2
Forceps, Adson's, plain  (2no) 2
Forceps, Adson's, toothed  (1no) 1
Forceps, Chalazion  (2no) 2
Forceps, Colibri, beaked  (1no) 1
Forceps, artery, Halstead, Mosquito, 125mm  (6no) 6
Forceps, dissecting, plain  (1no) 1
Forceps, extracapsular, Hess's (1no) 1
Forceps, fixation  (1no) 1
Forceps, intracapsular, Arruga's  (1no) 2
Forceps, peripheral iridectomy  (1no) 1
Forceps, superior rectus   (1no) 1
Hook, skin  (2no) 2
Knife handle, surgical, No.9  (1no) 9
Needle holder, Silcock's  (1no) 1
Needle holder, Troutman  (2no) 2
Needle, retrobulbar  (2no) 2
Repositor, iris  (4no) 4
Retractor, lid, medium  (2no) 2
Scissors, Taylor, Micro Pattern Westcott  (2no) 2
Scissors, Westcott  (2no) 2
Scissors, Westcott's  (2no) 2
Scissors, iris, De Wecker's  (2no) 2
Scissors, plain eye  (4no) 4
Scissors, corneal enlarging, Barraquer's  (2no) 2
Spatula, Micro Cyclo  (4no) 4
Speculum, lid  (10no) 10
Speculum, lid, adjustable, Taylor 1
Vectis, lens loop 1
Bowl, assorted sizes, without lid, nesting 1
Kidney dish, s/s, 8"x3" 1
Tray, instrument, covered, s/s, 312x200x69mm 1
Sponge 1
Syringe, glass, Luer, 5ml 1

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