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The Minor Basic Instrument set is utilized by members of the surgical field for the purpose of operations restricted to management of minor problems and injuries that are not considered life-threatening or hazardous. Commonly, these procedures can be performed in a brief period of time – usually less than an hour under some type of local anaesthesia. The surgeries performed do not – under normal circumstances – bring a major hazard to life or function of organs or body parts. Some minor surgical procedures may be performed electively. Some surgeries that children undergo are elected minor surgeries. The recovery period is short, and children resume their usual activities of daily living quickly. However, there are some surgeries that are a little more complicated; nevertheless, they are still not considered major ones. The examples of these are herniorrhaphy, bilateral tubal ligation, and most urological surgical cases. These procedures are impossible to perform without the proper tools – minor Basic Instrument set. This set is basically composed of diverse sixty-nine (69) pieces of instruments necessary for cutting the different abdominal layers, holding of various body tissues, and more.

Included in the Minor Basic Instrument set are the common scissors, clamps, forceps and retractors. The Operating Scissors are used for general surgical procedures to cut sutures, gauze and other similar materials; the Metzenbaum Scissors are designed for cutting delicate tissues; and the Mayo Scissors are utilized to cut heavy fascia and sutures. The set is inclusive of an array of forceps: Tissue Forceps, Allis Forceps, DeBakey Tissue Forceps and Adson Tissue Forceps for controlling tissues during surgery, especially during suturing; Thumb Forceps for grasping soft tissue and also during suturing; and Ochsner Forceps and Skillman Mosquito Forceps for haemostasis. Retractors – Murphy, Cushing Vein Retractor, Miller-Senn – separate the edges of a surgical incision or wound, or hold back underlying organs and tissues, so that body parts under the incision may be accessed.

Surgeons all around the world depend the success of the operation not only upon their skill and knowledge but also upon the quality of the instruments they use during the surgeries. The equipment used need to be top notch. The Minor Basic Set Instrument by Blacksmith Surgical will definitely deliver quality stainless steel instruments. The set is confined in a leather pouch type of packaging.


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S.No. Set Description of item Qty
Surgical Knife Handle #3 2
Operating Scissors, 5.5", Str. S/B 1
Mayo Scissors, 5.5", Str. 1
Mayo Scissors, 5.5", Cvd. 1
Metzenbaum Scissors, 7", Cvd. 1
Tissue Forceps, 1 x 2, 5.5" 1
Thumb Forceps, 5.5", Serr. Tips 1
Adson Tissue Forceps, 1 x 2. 5” 2
Allis Forceps, 4 x 5, 6.25" 2
Ochsner Forceps, 6.25", Str 4
Skillman Mosquito Forceps, 5", Str 6
Skillman Mosqiuto Forceps, 5", Cvd 6
Backhaus Towel Clamp, 5.25" 6
Foerster Sponge Forceps, 9.5" 2
Probe with Eye, 5.5" 1
Grooved Director, 5.5" 1
Mayo Hegar Needle Hldr, 6", Bulldog 2
Miller-Senn Retractor, 6.25", Sharp 2
Parker Retractor, 5", (Set of 2) 1
Weitlaner Retractor, 6.5", Sharp 1
Metzenbaum Scissors, 5.5", Cvd. 1
Coller Forceps, 5.5", Cvd 6
Coller Forceps, 5.5", Str 4
Coller Forceps, 6.25", Cvd 6
Ballenger Sponge Forceps, 7" 1
DeBakey Tissue Forceps, 6" 1
Ryder Needle Holder, 6.25", Bulldog 1
Murphy Retractor, 4 Prong, Sharp 2
Cushing Vein Retractor, 8" 1
Weck Rack, 15". 1
Sterilizing Tray, 15" x 10.38" x 3" 1

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