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Hollow Ware Set, Ward

Every section of a health care institution – especially in a ward – needs not only the accessibility of most basic instruments but also the availability of the Ward Hollow Ware Set. Blacksmith Surgical has looked into the consideration marketing the different hollow wares commonly used in the ward. As we all know, the ward is the area in the hospital where patients stay during preparations before undergoing medical or surgical procedures or where clients rest before their discharge from the hospital. With this in mind, we have to consider the miscellaneous items necessary for patient use in the ward during their hospitalization.

Blacksmith Surgical has a Ward Hollow Ware Set of fifty-seven (57) articles. Included are bed pans and urinals used for the toileting of bedridden patients. Everyday accessories such as lotion bowls in different sizes for general use like holding liquid or any solution are also part of the set. Blacksmith Surgical incorporates several instrument trays that can be covered to keep items sterile and clean prior to the procedure. The covered tray is also important for being able to stack and store surgical materials when not in use. The deeper design of the covered trays allows larger equipment and instruments to be secured and maintained than the shorter sided drying trays. Kidney dishes which are to be held against the patient's body to catch any falling fluids or debris or to receive soiled dressings and other medical waste are also in the Ward Hollow Ware Set. Some instruments like Cheatle forceps – a type of dental forceps used to remove hot sterile instruments from the autoclave and place them into sterile pouches – are included as well.

The health care team members, most importantly nurses, want to maintain organization in the ward, and this will be greatly achieved if the facility has the Ward Hollow Ware Set. Health care workers choose items that are of high quality and are easy to clean. Blacksmith Surgical offers stainless steel blade-made kidney basins and instrument trays which are made of top notch material. The vision of Blacksmith Surgical is to provide its clients quality items. So far, it has consistently been praised by many medical facilities because of its great performance in terms of showing the clients the efficiency of the company’s products – the durability of the Ward Hollow Ware Set for instance. The secret is venturing to highly regard customer satisfaction through quality, efficiency, fastest delivery on competitive prices. Blacksmith Surgical has a wide array of best quality surgical instruments that are conceptualized for purposes used by medical workers who are skilled to use them.

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S.No. Set Description of item Qty
9 Hollow Ware Set, Ward
Bed pan, s/s male 5
Urinal 1/2liters 5
Bowl, lotion, s/s, 0.2 liter 8
Bowl, lotion, s/s 0.5 liter 5
Bowl, lotion, s/s         5 liter 4
Bowl, lotion, s/s 4liter 3
Bowl, lotion, s/s 6liters 3
Cheatle forceps 2
Instrument tary, 30x20x2 cm 4
Instrument Tary set, 30x15x2cm 6
Jug, measuring, 1 liter 2
Kidney Dish, 20 cm 5
Kidney Dish, 24 cm 5

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