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Hollow Ware Set, Treatment

In the various areas of the hospital, treatment of several conditions, especially wounds, warrant proper execution. Together with the special tools, the basic ones – Treatment Hollow Ware Set – should be available too. Blacksmith Surgical considers the needs of health institutions globally that’s why it has come up with a set that includes the common things the health care workers need in performing treatment procedures.

Blacksmith Surgical has its own array of fifteen (15) instruments and other products for its Treatment Hollow Ware Set. The instruments are composed of the dissecting forceps used for disassembling and observing something to determine a part of the body’s internal structure; sinus forceps for allowing entry into the nasal cavity; and sponge-holding forceps which are used both in non-surgical and surgical procedures. Aside from its most basic function – holding sponges, sponge forceps could also be used to atraumatically grasp and hold the bladder or cervix during an examination, and they can be used to manipulate the tissue while the doctor performs the procedure. The Treatment Hollow Ware Set also has the most common scissors commonly done during a treatment procedure. Blacksmith Surgical’s own set has the Mayo scissors which are used for cutting sutures, or stitches; and the dressing scissors for cutting bandages without gouging the skin. The scissors have a blunt tip design that prevents accidental injury while making bandage removal very easy, smooth, and quick. Several lotion bowls to contain liquid, solutions and medications are packed together with the aforementioned items in this Treatment Hollow Ware Set. A kidney dish that receives soiled dressings and other medical waste is also part of the inclusions.

The availability of the proper instruments alone does not define the smooth and quick medical treatment done by professionals in the medical and nursing fields. The presence of quality minor materials is warranted too. That is why Blacksmith Surgical has come up with the idea of having a Treatment Hollow Ware Set available to any institution all around the world. Many companies have been promising, but only Blacksmith Surgical has continuously been delivering. First, the instruments are made of quality stainless steel that equates to durability. Second, Blacksmith Surgical products are not limited to medical and surgical instruments but everything needed in any area of the hospital or health institution. This is the reason why many positively recognize Blacksmith Surgical. The company has consistently been competitive in the market with its high standard merchandises.

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S.No. Set Description of item Qty
8 Hollow Ware Set, Treatment

Forceps, dissecting, Straight, 1/2 teeth, 130 mm 2

Forceps, sinus, 180mm 1

Forceps, Dissecting, Straight, Plain, 115 mm 2

Forceps, Sponge holding, 200mm 1

Scissors, Mayo, Straight, 150mm 1

Scissors, dressing, Straight, 165mm 1

Scissors, ligature, Spencer, 130mm 1

Bowls, lotion, s/s,         5 liter 1

Bowl lotion, s/s, 0.2 liter 2

Kidney Dish, 24cm 2

instrument container, s/s with cover, 300x200x50mm 1


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