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Glassware Set, Laboratory, Basic

Not only the doctors require reliable instruments; medical technologists also need quality tools to perform some procedures helpful to the creation of diagnoses. The Glassware Set is as important as the other items in the laboratory. Because of this, Blacksmith Surgical has the necessary glassware for testing purposes. Many activities in the laboratory involve the use of glassware. For instance, there is never a day in the laboratory that they would not test blood for compatibility – typing and cross-matching. Glass slides are utilized mainly for this kind of procedure, and Blacksmith Surgical certainly has the perfect Basic Laboratory Glassware Set for such purposes.

Blacksmith Surgical has a unique Glassware Set that includes seventeen (17) glassware and instrument pieces. Included are microscope slides used to hold objects for examination under a microscope. The set also comes with cover glass which is usually held between the cover slip and a somewhat thicker microscope slide, which rests on the microscope's stage or slide holder and provides the physical support for the object and slip. Blacksmith Surgical incorporates china graphs for marking on hard, glossy surfaces such as porcelain or glass; and a scriber with retractable tungsten carbide tip that lets you inscribe on glass, ceramics, and plastic. The pen has a pocket clip, so it is always handy when needed. Apart from these, the Glassware Set also constitutes a pair of scissors for general purpose.

Medical technologists basically rely much on the quality of the glassware they use to obtain quality laboratory test results. Blacksmith Surgical surely provides high end products made from quality materials. The articles in the Glassware Set are approved by medical practitioners across major hospitals. The process of exhaustive product testing is done to make sure that Blacksmith Surgical delivers only the best items to its clients. The Glassware Set, though made of fine glass material, passed tests for its safe and easy utilization.

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S.No. Set Description of item Qty
7 Glassware Set, Laboratory, Basic

Holder, wire loop, aluminium, 240 mm 3

Forceps, coverglass, KUEHNE, flat, bent tips, 100 mm 2

Forceps, microscope slide, KIRBIDE, 125 mm 1

Loop, wire, inoculating, normal, CrNi, diam           5mm 6

Scissors, general purpose 1

Pencil, for writing on glass, chinagraph 2

Scriber, glass marking, tungsten carbide, 125 mm 1


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