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ENT Set (Screw Lock)dianostic

Different conditions may affect someone's ears, nose and throat, especially hearing or balance. Apart from the particular ailment’s manifestations, there is specific information that the physicians need to diagnose the problem. One must know that at the first presentation of the signs and symptoms, a consultation ought to take place. The doctors may perform assessment methods. Many procedures are used to diagnose ENT disorders. There are certain methods that doctors utilize during the diagnostic process. Blacksmith Surgical's role is to provide them the best set of instrumentsENT Diagnostic Set – for such procedures.

Blacksmith Surgical has put together nine (9) instruments in their ENT Diagnostic Set. The inclusions are: an otoscope having three ear cannula with tiny light and a funnel-shaped attachment called an ear speculum, which is used to examine the ear canal and eardrum; one medium-sized battery handle; a nasal speculum used to assist in the spreading of the nose; and two laryngeal mirrors for indirect viewing of the larynx. Blacksmith Surgical also includes in the ENT Diagnostic Set a light carrier, an illuminated blade holder, and a spare bulb.

When it comes to buying the best ENT Diagnostic Set that the doctors can rely on, trust only Blacksmith Surgical’s. Physicians basically depend much on the quality of the instruments they use to perform above standard assessment procedures. Blacksmith Surgical surely provides high end products made from quality materials. The articles in the ENT Diagnostic Set are approved by medical practitioners in different major hospitals and facilities. The process of exhaustive product testing is done to make sure that Blacksmith Surgical delivers only the best items to its clients. The items in the ENT Diagnostic Set manufactured by Blacksmith Surgical passed tests for their safe and easy utilization.

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S.No. Set Description of item Qty
26 ENT Set (Screw Lock)dianostic One medium size battery handle 1
Otoscope head with three ear cannula. 1
Nasal speculum 1
Light carrier 2
2 laryngeal mirrors. 1
Illuminated tongue blade holder. 1
Ophthalmoscope. 1
One spare bulb. 1
Packed in fine wooden box.

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