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A myriad of conditions may affect someone's hearing or balance. Ear infections are the most common illness in infants and young children. A buzzing sound in the ears – called tinnitus – can be the result of loud noises, medicines or a variety of other causes. Some ear disorders can result in hearing disorders and deafness. Many methods are used to diagnose ENT disorders. There are also a wide selection of equipment used and diagnostic tests performed such as cultures and blood work. Instruments are important to obtain diagnosis of common ear, nose and throat disorders including breathing problems like snoring and sleep apnea. Blacksmith Surgical has a set of instruments – ENT GH Set – for the specific purpose of doing the diagnostic procedures.

Packed in the ENT GH Set by Blacksmith Surgical are a total of fourteen (14) instruments. These are the nasal forceps for grasping and holding tissue or objects; nasal speculum for allowing entry into the nasal cavity; and nasal hooks. For the ears, there are the ear syringes used to flush out anything like ear wax or foreign bodies from the external ear; ear speculum used for straightening the external ear canal; and aural forceps used for surgery. Blacksmith Surgical includes in the ENT GH Set some minor items such as the handles for the surgical blades, dressing scissors, sponge holding forceps, kidney dishes, lotion bowls and an instrument container.

Eyes, ears and throat inspection, as known to many, is a very critical procedure; therefore, doctors and surgeons make sure that they use reliable instruments when they perform the task, for it is one way of reducing the risks of performing such delicate procedures. Blacksmith Surgical’s ENT GH Set offers the finest quality there is in the market. The company gained several certifications that prove how the company continues to work hard to bring the best instruments forward. The instruments in the set, since made of high quality material, should provide optimal safety during assessment of the said body parts. Blacksmith Surgical encloses the pack in a packaging of excellent material.

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S.No. Set Description of item Qty
23 ENT GH Set Contents:
Forceps, Aural, Hartmann 1
Forceps, Nasal Dressing 1
Forceps, Sponge Holding, 200-240mm 1
Hook, Nasal, Gardiner Brown Downs 1
Handle For Surgical Blade No.3 1
Handle For Surgical Blade No.4 1
Scissors, Dressing, Straight 180mm 1
Speculum, Nasal, s/s 1
Ear Syringe, s/s 1
Instrument Container, s/s, With Cover, 300x200x50mm 1
Bowl, lotion, s/s, 0.2 litre 2
Kidney Dish 2

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