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Delivery Basic Set

Most women are healthy enough to have a baby through normal vaginal delivery, meaning that the baby comes down the birth canal without surgery. The head and shoulders require a specific sequence of manoeuvres to occur for the bony head and shoulders to pass through the bony ring of the pelvis. This is not a surgical procedure, unless minor episiotomy is needed, but Blacksmith Surgical has the Basic Delivery Set that will aid the health care provider to perform the task more efficiently.

The Basic Delivery Set comprises of twenty-one (21) instruments and items that will be used during the entire procedure. Blacksmith Surgical includes the sponge holding forceps used for holding swabs or sponges in medical procedures and sometimes to hold and move tissues very precisely and gently, needle holders for holding a suturing needle for closing wounds during suturing, and vaginal speculum for observing the cervix and the natural changes that occur over time. Three types of scissors are included in the Basic Delivery Set: umbilical scissors used to cut the umbilical cord at the time of birth of a baby, episiotomy scissors to create a clean incision over the perineum to make the procedure as quick and painless as possible, and lastly, curved Mayo scissors. Apart form these instruments, Blacksmith Surgical further includes extra items such as lotion bowls, instrument containers and kidney dishes used to receive soiled dressings and other medical waste.

Physicians surely do not want to perform risky childbirth procedures by having a faulty forceps, scissors or specula that would hinder the smooth process of child delivery. That is why Blacksmith Surgical makes sure that the instruments included in the Basic Delivery Set are all of the highest quality. The instruments manufactured are products made by reliable materials. Blacksmith Surgical instruments – including the Basic Delivery Set – are used by different top class hospitals. Safety is also an aspect considered greatly by the company, so members of the health care team believe in the quality given by Blacksmith Surgical. Since we focus on quality, different test parameters are maintained to achieve the goal. Blacksmith Surgical instruments are enclosed in an equally agreeable packaging.

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S.No. Set Description of item Qty
14 Delivery Basic Set
Forceps, Sponge Holding, 200mm 2
Needle holder, Mayo, 160mm 4
Scissors, Mayo, Curved, 150mm 2
Scissors, Epiotomy, Braun-sadler, 145mm 2
Scissors, umbilical, 105mm 2
Speculum, vaginal, Auvard 2
Speculum, vaginal, Sims 2
Bowl, lotion, s/s, 6 liters 2
Instrument Container, s/s, with cover,300x200x50mm 1
Kidney dish, 24cm 2

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