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ENT- Basic Set

A lot of ear, nose, and throat disorders cause difficulty in breathing. For instance, having enlarged tonsils and adenoids may result to sleep apnea. Moreover, a deviated septum and nasal polyps may cause feeling of stuffiness. Many ENT disorders can be painful, and it is hard to find out how one can do something to alleviate the pain. However, before someone does any form of intervention, a diagnostic procedure must be done by the doctor. Blacksmith Surgical has the Basic ENT Set that the doctors can utilize during the assessment of the ears, nose and throat.

The Basic ENT Set that Blacksmith Surgical manufactures includes nineteen (19) instruments relevant for the assessment of the ears, nose and throat. These are the nasal forceps for grasping and holding tissue or objects; nasal speculum for allowing entry into the nasal cavity; and nasal hooks. For the inspection of the ears, there are the ear syringes used to flush out anything like ear wax or foreign bodies from the external ear; ear speculum used for straightening the external ear canal; and aural forceps used for surgery. The Basic ENT Set by Blacksmith Surgical has other miscellaneous items such as the kidney dishes, lotion bowls, an instruments container, surgical blade handles, dressing scissors, and sponge holding forceps.

Physicians surely do not want to perform risky assessment procedures by having faulty forceps or specula that would hinder the smooth process of the procedure. That is why Blacksmith Surgical makes sure that the instruments included in the Basic ENT Set are all of the highest quality. The instruments manufactured are products made by reliable materials. Blacksmith Surgical instruments – including the Basic ENT Set – are used by different top class hospitals. Safety is also an aspect considered greatly by the company, so members of the health care team believe in the quality given by Blacksmith Surgical. Since we focus on quality, different test parameters are maintained to achieve the goal. Blacksmith Surgical instruments are enclosed in an equally agreeable packaging.

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S.No. Set Description of item Qty
24 ENT- Basic Set
Forceps, Aural, Hartmann 1
Forceps, Nasal Dressing 1
Forceps, Sponge Holding, 200-240mm 1
Hook, Nasal, Gardiner Brown Downs 1
Handle For Surgical Blade No3 3
Handle For Surgical Blade No4 4
Scissors, Dressing, Straight 180mm 1
Speculum, Nasal, s/s 1
Ear Syringe, s/s 1
Instrument Container, s/s, With Cover, 300x200x50mm 1
Bowl, lotion, s/s, 0.2 litre 2
Kidney Dish 2

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