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Prolapse Tray set

The condition uterine prolapse is defined as the stretching and weakening of the pelvic floor muscles, which does not provide adequate support for the uterus; therefore, the organ descends into the vaginal canal. The usual group of people affected by uterine prolapse are women in their postmenopausal period who have had a single or multiple vaginal deliveries. There are also other conditions that result to this happening; these are hormone imbalance, damage to supportive tissues during pregnancy and childbirth, gravity effects, and long-term continuous straining. Mild cases or uterine prolapse are usually treated symptomatically. However, when the condition progresses to become bothersome, a supportive device may be utilized, or surgery may be performed. During surgical procedures, doctors must have the proper instruments. Blacksmith Surgical responds to this by introducing the Prolapse Tray Set.

The Prolapse Tray Set by Blacksmith Surgical composes of forty-four (44) various instruments needed for the operative procedure. The instruments included are: artery forceps for grasping and compressing arteries; tissue forceps for controlling tissues during surgery, especially during suturing; and a pair of uterine forceps and different dissecting forceps. The basic surgical tools – Mayo scissors, needle holders and surgical blade handles – are provided in the Prolapse Tray Set too.

Health care practitioners surely want to perform any operation in an efficient manner. Moreover, they choose items that are of high quality and are easy to use. Blacksmith Surgical offers stainless steel blade-made instruments which are made of top notch material. The vision of Blacksmith Surgical is to provide its clients quality items. So far, it has consistently been praised by many medical facilities because of its great performance in terms of showing the clients the efficiency of the company’s products – the efficiency of the Prolapse Tray Set for instance. The company is venturing to highly regard customer satisfaction through quality, efficiency, fastest delivery in competitive prices. Blacksmith Surgical has a wide array of best quality surgical instruments that are conceptualized for purposes used by medical workers who are skilled to use them.

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S.No. Set Description of item Qty
39 Prolapse Tray set
Towel Clip, Backhaus 8
Forceps, Artery, Straight, 145mm 10
Forceps, Artery, Straight, 180mm 5
Forceps, Dissecting, Straight, 1/2 Teeth, Serrated, 180mm 1
Forceps, Dissecting, Straight, Plain, Serrated, 180mm 1
Forceps, Tissue, Littlewood 10
Forceps, Uterine, Vulsellum, Luer 1
Handle For Surgical Blade No4 2
Needle Holder, Mayo, 180mm 2
Scissors, Mayo, Curved, 165mm 2
Scissors, Mayo, Straight, 165mm 2

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