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Ophthalmology Instruments

Ophthalmology Instruments is the branch related to the treatment of a very important part of the face and one of our scense an eye.The eyes are a very precious and important organ of the body. Eyes too just like any other part of the body develop problems which must be treated. The branch of medicine which deals with problems associated with the eyes is called ophthalmology. This branch deals in diseases which may affect the eye, any surgery which takes place of the eye and any kind of treatment of the eyes; all of these are considered to be a part of ophthalmology. With the increase in the number of people facing eye problems, the techniques used in this branch of medicine has also changed and instead of the usual knife method, people now opt for laser surgeries instead.

Laser surgery makes use of radiation which is in the form of light waves known as photons. These photons work together and provide a high amount of power with which the eyes are treated.

It does not matter what kind of surgery is being performed in Ophthalmology Instruments  .For these treatment There are some basic surgical instruments which are used and the knowledge of which is important. Ophthalmology Instruments have a very fine grip. They are meant to handle the finest layers. Numerous different types of scissors and forceps are used for gripping, cutting and removing different area

The main instruments which are used are:

  1. Micro scissors
  2. Micro needle holder

There are various types of scissors like castroveijo scissor. These surgical scissors are available in sharp pointed tips and are extensively used for involved operating processes. Besides, we can also offer these in different lengths as specified by the customers. Another type of scissor is micro corneal scissor is also used during surgery of an eye which is very sensitive part of a face, extra effort is to be need for manufacturing for these instruments.

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Ophthalmology Instruments 351-355
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Ophthalmology Instruments 354-355
Ophthalmology Instruments 355-355



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