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Ventricular needle

Neurosurgery requires a variety of instruments that work hand in hand to enhance a complete the surgical exercise in a more effective way. While other instruments are used in making incisions others are used in making stitches while others are used for retraction purposes. Every instrument is therefore used for the right purpose to enhance the operation process is successfully done. This is where the ventricular needle comes in to help in effecting the whole surgical operation. The needle is usually 3½ ‘’ long and used in offering the surgeons with assistance that will cause ventricular contractions during an operation. This will eventually prevent cardiovascular collapse and other muscles that are attached to the area of operation.

Usually the patients get injected with some medication using this needle which comes with little pain. The needles are usually very tiny such that the level of pain as experienced by the patient is greatly reduced. This is true because the tiny needles pierce through the skin quite easily unlike the broad ones. For the surgeons under an operation to perform an effective exercise, they need to get these quality needles that are recommended for the exercise. They have been manufactured in different designs and shapes but blacksmith has its own standards that have been tested and approved as the best qualities required.

To start with, the engineers in the company have done a lot of research concerning the various types of needles. They have managed to find out the most effective qualities that are more effective than the ones already in the market. The qualities they recommend are, thinness of the needle, materials for making the needle to be stainless steel for durability purposes, size as 3 1/2 ‘’.the needles have been allowed for one time use only meaning that they are never shared among the patients.


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