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Spratt Curette


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This is a neurosurgical instrument that is used together with other surgical instruments in the process to help in making it successful. This is because surgical instruments need to work side by side while carrying their specific functions to ultimately help in completion of the operations. The right features of these instruments should be used in order to offer the services in a more effective way. For the case of this instrument the right features are choosing the correct size and shape with the right material used in manufacturing them. This is from the blacksmith quality production of the surgical instruments.

The features as outlined are supposed to be 6 ¾ ‘’ long as the recommended size. The material that should be used in making the instruments is one that does not tarnish or rust easily. These features describe stainless steel material that is known to offer longer service life. The tip points of the instruments are also taken to be approximately 3mm. this means that the tips are very sharp for the functioning of the instruments as intended to be. Blacksmith has offered to manufacture these instruments with these features after doing research on the various instruments that already exist. The engineers who are responsible for the production of these instruments have designed various categories of the same instrument and tested them in the real surgical operations to test their effectiveness. Since the qualities that are outlined her in have proved to be the best, the company has offered to give a life warranty to the products as a sign of trust that they have put on their production.

Clients with different designs are asked to make their orders on the same products first. The engineers will then offer to manufacture the products according to the customer specifications. But this is only possible if the specifications from the customers prove to be acceptable and effective in the operation processes.


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