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Self retaining retractor


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This is a special type of retractor that is used in surgical operation while operating on the spinal area that is very sensitive. This retractor is said to be special in that it consists of a robotic arm that keeps it open thus no disturbance happens to the spinal cord while it is under operation. Incidences of altered movements of the retractors that are held by the surgeons may cause more damage to the spinal cord whose results may be catastrophic since the spinal cord is a very sensitive and important part of the body.

Careful handling of the spinal cord while under operation process is what is required and therefore that’s the main function of the self retaining retractor. The moment these retractors are attached to the parts of the operation wound they open it for clear viewing by the surgeon. The area under the wounds that need to be observed should be done when the area is wide open and this is done with the help of this type of instrument. Researches that have been done over time have yielded to the construction of this special type of retractor that helps in taking care of the delicate spinal cord through retaining its position firmly after they have been attached.

Blacksmith Company is one of the companies that have come up with the highest quality instruments that are used in surgical operations. For that reason they have come up with the most effective self retaining retractor with the best features that help achieve the goals they are meant for. The retractors are made from stainless steel material and are 10 ½ ‘’. These features help in retaining the spinal muscles that could otherwise be rendered dysfunctional after operations leading to adverse results.


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