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Peterson Laminectomy Rounger


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This is neurosurgical instrument that is used in cutting tough tissue of the parts of the body that is under operation. The instrument therefore can be used in biting the bones at the place of surgical operation. The instrument was named after its inventor. The rongeur is used together with other instruments such that the whole process of surgery becomes successful. It provides a double action on the parts they are subjected to thus offering an effective cutting strategy due to their miniature model that is used in making them. With the help of this instrument, the damaged bones are easily cut and removed thus helping in the whole process.

For the instrument to provide the services as recommended, it should be manufactured with the best quality features that will help in cutting of the tough tissues. This therefore demands that the right size of the instrument be checked. The right and approved size for this instrument is usually 8’’ and very straight. They also need to be sharp by having a jaw width of 3mm.

The main function of the instrument being laminectomy which involves the removal of a portion of the vertebral bone is very important and should be availed for proper surgery to take place. The instrument needs to be sharp for tolerable operations to be effected. The surgical procedures for this type of neurosurgery is very tedious thus the need to have high quality instruments that will work out more effectively.

Blacksmith manufacturer and distributor of surgical operation tools is one of the centers that are known in the provision of high standard equipments that are more effective in the operation process. They offer highly designed and tested instruments that are economical but more effective with the right features to help in cutting the vertebral bones during laminectomy.


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