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Green Berg Retractor


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This is a type of retractor that helps in offering enough space for the process of surgery to take place. The retractor acts by supporting the area under operation not to be moving unnecessarily. With the assistance of these instruments therefore they help in the effective operation system. It helps a great deal in collaborating with other instruments that are used in surgery to effectively perform their functions. They work by reducing tremor and instead provide more controlled movements of the joints around the operation areas. The instrument has actually had a vast improvement from initial stages to the current equipment that is very effective in controlling the joint movements while under a surgical operation.

The current type of Greenberg retractor is known to have more retractor blades unlike the initial ones. These blades are also used together at a time. The type of retractor is also known to be a good self retaining retractor in that it is adjustable over several degrees about the operative position. The sizes of the arms that are used in manufacturing this type of retractor are actually 9’’ in length and 3/8’’ in diameter. With the ability to adjust it over large degrees this type of neurosurgical equipment has been enhanced to be more effective.

The blacksmith company is one of the companies that are approved of producing this type of neurosurgical equipment with high standard and quality features that help in making the process of operation more effective than the rest of other retractors. The important features that are described above are also supplemented by the material from which the instrument is made. They are made from stainless steel material which increases their durability over time.


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