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An intrauterine contraceptive device (IUCD) is a small piece of material that a health care provider inserts into a woman's uterus transvaginally to prevent pregnancy. There are several different types of IUCDs; the most common is the T-shaped and coated with copper. Some have hormones that are released during a specific period of time. This procedure requires the use of several instruments so that it could be done effectively. Blacksmith Surgical has a collection of quality instrumentsIUCD Set – for the purpose of efficiently inserting the device.

Twelve (12) instruments make up the IUCD Set by Blacksmith Surgical. Included in the set are Hegar uterine dilators that are either used to dilate the cervix sufficiently or to gently stretch open the cervix to allow medical instruments to pass through and into the uterus. Also, different vaginal specula for assessing and investigating the vaginal cavity are available. The IUCD Set also has uterine forceps designed for grasping and clamping tissue within the uterus. And apart from these, Blacksmith Surgical adds some hollow ware such as lotion bowls for general use container, and kidney basins for receiving soiled dressings and other medical waste.

Physicians surely do not want to perform risky intrauterine device insertion procedures by having faulty tools that would hinder the smooth process of the procedure. That is why Blacksmith Surgical makes sure that the instruments included in the IUCD Set are all of the highest quality. The instruments manufactured are products made of reliable materials. Blacksmith Surgical instruments – including those in the IUCD Set – are used by different top class hospitals. Safety is also an aspect considered greatly by the company, so members of the health care team believe in the quality given by Blacksmith Surgical. Since the company focuses on quality, different test parameters are maintained to achieve the goal. Blacksmith Surgical instruments are enclosed in an equally agreeable packaging.

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S.No. Set Description of item Qty
34 IUCD Set

Dilators, uterine,hegar, Dole ended, Set of 8 1

Speculum, vaginal, Auvard 1

Speculum, Vaginal, Sims 1

Speculum, cusco 1

Speculum, Vaginal, Sims 1

Forceps, uterine, vullsellum, Schroeder 2

Bowl, lotion, s/s, 6 liters 1

Bowl, lotion, s/s, 0.2 liter 2

Kidney Dish, 24cm 2


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