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General Surgery HCIV Instrument Set,

Surgery is the branch of medicine which generally treats diseases by operative procedures. Surgical interventions may involve relieving mechanical obstruction of a tubular organ, such as the intestine; or removing a diseased organ, which cannot be saved by medical treatment, such as an inflamed appendix or gallbladder; or removing a malignant tumour with a margin of normal tissue; or repairing an injured organ, or removing it if the organ is beyond repair. Nowadays, the variety of specializations in surgery is increasing, hence special instruments are utilized; but for the typical ones, there is one thing in common – surgeons use the same instruments, more or less. Instruments must be of high quality so that surgical procedures are done efficiently, and Blacksmith Surgical makes sure they deliver for this purpose. They have a group of instruments in their General Surgery HCIV Instrument Set.

Blacksmith Surgical’s General Surgery HCIV Instrument Set consists of fifty-five (55) instruments. Included are the scissors: Mayo scissors for cutting heavy fascia and sutures; Metzenbaum scissors for cutting delicate tissues; and dressing scissors. A wide variety of forceps are present too: dressing forceps for dressing wounds and grasping lint, drainage tubes, and others; artery forceps for grasping and compressing an artery; Babcock forceps for holding a short length of intestine without compressing it; Allis forceps for grasping tissues; and different dissecting forceps. There are six types of retractors in the General Surgery HCIV Instrument Set: Richardson and Deaver for retracting large intra-abdominal viscera; Kelly for holding back the intra-abdominal organs; Balfour for giving maximum access to tissues below an incision; and the Cushing vein retractor. Blacksmith Surgical incorporates different surgical blade handles, needle holders and ligature needles used for passing a suture underneath an artery for ligation of the vessel. Bone curettes for scraping the bones are part of the set.

Health care practitioners surely want to perform any operation in an efficient manner. Moreover, they choose items that are of high quality and are easy to use. Blacksmith Surgical offers stainless steel blade-made instruments which are made of top notch material. The vision of Blacksmith Surgical is to provide its clients quality items. So far, it has consistently been praised by many medical facilities because of its great performance in terms of showing the clients the efficiency of the company’s products – the durability of the General Surgery HCIV Instrument Set for instance. The company is venturing to highly regard customer satisfaction through quality, efficiency, fastest delivery on competitive prices. Blacksmith Surgical has a wide array of best quality surgical instruments that are conceptualized for purposes used by medical workers who are skilled to use them.

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S.No. Set Description of item Qty
29 General Surgery HCIV Instrument Set,
Handle For Surgical Blade No3 2
Handle For Surgical Blade No4 2
Scissors, Dressing, Straight 145mm 1
Scissors, Mayo, Straight, 170mm 1
Scissors, Mayo, Curved, 170mm 1
Scissors, Metzenbaum, Curved, 180mm 1
Forceps, Dressing, Curved, Byrant, 130mm 4
Forceps, Dissecting, Straight, 1/2 Teeth, 200mm 4
Forceps, Dissecting, Straight, Plain, 200mm 4
Forceps, Dissecting, Straight, 1/2 Teeth, 140mm 2
Forceps, Artery, Straight, 130mm 1
Forceps, Artery, Curved, 130mm 1
Forceps, Artery, Straight, 160mm 1
Forceps, Artery, Curved, 160mm 1
Retractor, Richardson, 28 x 20mm, 240mm 1
Retractor, Richardson, 36 x 28mm, 240mm 1
Probe With Eye, 145mm, 5mm 1
Needle Holder, Mayo, 150mm 1
Needle Holder, Mayo, 180mm 1
Forceps, Tissue, Allis, 5x6 Teeth, 150mm 1
Forceps, Tissue, Babcock, 160mm 1
Retractor, Roux, Set of 3, Double Bladed, 1
Retractor, Deaver Grip, 50 x 310mm 1
Curette, Bone, Oval/Round, Volkmann, Fig 04 1
Curette, Bone, Oval/Round, Volkmann, Fig 06 1
Retractor, Cushing, 20cm, 10mm 1
Retractor, Kelly, 64 x 54, 260mm 1
Retractor, Kelly, 70 x 65, 260mm 1
Retractor, Abdominal, Balfour, 47 x 80mm, 200mm 1
Ligature Needle, Deschamps, Right/Left hand blunt, 240mm             5" 1
Ligature Needle, Deschamps, Right/Left hand blunt, 240mm 11" 1
Handle For Surgical Blade No7 7
Scissors, Metzenbaum, Curved, 230mm 1
Forceps, Sponge Holding, 240mm 1
Towel Clip, Backhaus, 135mm 1
Forceps, Sponge Holding, 240mm 1
Instrument Container, s/s, With Cover 1

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