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Some people suffer from pain due to the presence of gallstones in the gallbladder. This condition may lead to a more serious one known as acute cholecystitis, which is the inflammation of the gallbladder. Formation of gallstones in other parts of the biliary tract can cause obstruction of the bile ducts, which can lead to serious infirmities. Formations of stones in both the gallbladder and the bile ducts are considered serious medical conditions, and should therefore be subjected to necessary interventions. Many doctors may perform removal of the stones through relatively conservative means, or if it would be that much complicated, cholecystectomy may be done. For the removal of gallstones, Blacksmith Surgical has a Gallbladder and Bile Duct Set that allows the surgeons to facilitate performing the procedure in an efficient manner.

As related, there are both conservative and surgical ways on how to get rid of the stones. When it comes to surgical methods, a surgeon will have to create incisions on the abdomen to get to the gallbladder and cut the cystic duct away to remove the gallbladder.  Blacksmith Surgical’s Gallbladder and Bile Duct Set is a collection of thirty-two (32) more instruments apart from the Minor Basic Instrument Set. It includes the gallstone probes, gallstone forceps, gallbladder trocar, duct forceps, duct scoops, and duct dilators.

Surgeons may entirely know all the processes and steps involved in the operative procedures involving the gallbladder, for they have done it many times. But just because they are highly skilled does not mean that there are no factors that would lead to disagreeable circumstances, especially because the methods involved are delicate. Instruments play a very important role in the process. Once doctors utilize faulty equipment, the entire procedure is exposed to risks. Therefore, it is only necessary that all the equipment and other items should be reliable. The Gallbladder and Bile Duct Set by Blacksmith Surgical surely will carry out its fundamental purpose in the area, for the instruments are manufactured from the finest quality materials. They undergo protracted quality tests to ensure that only the best products reach the customers. The set is in an equally great packaging.

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S.No. Set Description of item Qty


Surgical Knife Handle, #3L 1

Lahey Gall Duct Forceps, 7.5" 2

Mixter Forceps, 7.5" 4

Blake Gallstone Forceps, 7.5", Cvd. 1

Desjardins Gallstone Forceps, 9.25" 2

Bakes Common Duct Dilators, (Set of 9) 1

Mayo Cystic Duct Scoop 1

Ochsner Gallstone Probe 1

Moynihan Gallstone Probe 1

Ochsner Gallbladder Trocar, 20 Fr. 1

Storey Forceps, 8.75", Slight Curve 2

Storey Forceps, 8.75", Strong Curve 2

Storey Forceps, 8.75", Right Angle 2

Mayo Blake Forceps, 7.5", Str. 1

Ochsner Trocar, 12 Fr. 1

Ochsner Trocar, 16 Fr. 1

Ochsner Trocar, 18 Fr. 1

Gray Cystic Duct Forceps, 9" (Set of 2) 1

Desjardins Gall Duct Scoop, 12", 15 Fr. 1

Desjardins Gall Duct Scoop, 12", 21 Fr 1

Desjardins Gall Duct Scoop, 12", 24 Fr. 1

Desjardins Gall Duct Scoop, 12", 27 Fr 1

Sarot Needle Holder, 9", Insert 2


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