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ENT Set (Luer Lock) diagnostic

There are varieties of ENT disorders, and even more signs and symptoms manifested by each one. Not all people will experience the same set of symptoms, and that is why it is very important that someone who is unsure about his condition would seek the assistance of a physician to perform an assessment test. Ear infections are one of the most common ENT disorders. They occur when germs become trapped inside the inner ear. The Eustachian tube, a tiny tube that originates in the ear and drains in to the back of the throat, usually keeps unwanted germs out. If this tube is too small or becomes clogged by fluid and mucus, bacteria or other microbes may be able to enter the ear and cause an infection. A person, aside from checking for signs and symptoms, can subject himself to a diagnostic procedure. Instruments are used, and Blacksmith Surgical introduces the best ENT Diagnostic Set there is to assist the doctors perform such procedures.

The ENT Diagnostic Set by Blacksmith Surgical comprises of nine (9) different instruments used for the assessment of ears, nose, and throat. Incorporated in the set are the otoscope having three ear cannula with tiny light and a funnel-shaped attachment called an ear speculum, which is used to examine the ear canal and eardrum; one medium-sized battery handle; a nasal speculum used to assist in the spreading of the nose; and two laryngeal mirrors for indirect viewing of the larynx. A light carrier, an illuminated blade holder, and a spare bulb are several additions of Blacksmith Surgical in the ENT Diagnostic Set.

What the most important thing is when members of the health care team perform delicate procedures on their patients is to have reliable instruments and devices that would efficiently help them perform well every step of the process. This is possible because Blacksmith Surgical has the best ENT Diagnostic Set. Using the proper tools, doctors surely perform standard assessment procedures best. Blacksmith Surgical makes it certain that the equipment undergo strict quality tests to ensure that only the top products are delivered to the clients. The Blacksmith Surgical set comes in a package of equally high quality.

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S.No. Set Description of item Qty
27 ENT Set (Luer Lock) diagnostic One medium size battery handle 1
Otoscope head with three ear cannula. 1
Nasal speculum 1
Light carrier 1
2 laryngeal mirrors. 2
Illuminated tongue blade holder. 1
Ophthalmoscope. 1
One spare bulb. 1

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