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Towel Clamp


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Towel clamps is a surgical instrument which is used to secure towels and other draping during a surgical operation. These  instrument are also used by dentist in tooth cleaning.

How it works?

A simple design of aTowel clamp has locking handles and a tip. The tip of the clamp could be curved or pointed. It may also have teeth. Dentists use it by opening it, then placing it where needed and closing it. When the operation is done clamp is released:


Types of towel clamps:

The latest designs of Towel clamps vary slightly from the basic design. The variation in type and design ofTowel clamps depend upon the usage of Towel clamp and its manufacturer. Some types are disposable while the others are reusable.


Materials of towel clamps:

Towel clamps are made from sterilized metals or plastic. PlasticTowel clamps are disposables. The metal Towel clamps are sterilized for reuse.


Blacksmith surgical towel clamp:

Blacksmith surgical manufactures the high quality Towel clamps which are made from high quality stainless steel. These Towel clamps are passivated. Blacksmith surgical Towel clamps are available in dull, sand and mirror polish. Certain quality assurance tests are conducted on these dental instruments to ensure high quality.


Blacksmith surgical towel clamp packing:

Blacksmith surgical Towel clamps are available in best quality packing. Blacksmith surgical is providing a high quality packing of different types. TheseTowel clamps are available in export quality, sterilized and bluster packing.