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Tongue Depressor


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Throat and mouth diseases are very common these days. Dentists use Tongue depressor to examine throat or mouth. Tongue depressor is a dental instrument to press the tongue for examining mouth and throat.


Types of tongue depressors:

There are many types of Tongue depressor the modern of all is thin wooden blade. This Tongue depressor is smooth and rounded at both ends.


Material of tongue depressor:

Old types of depressors were of different kinds of materials i-e red wood, balsa, pine etc. Some of them are expensive but most Tongue depressor are inexpensive and disposable after single use. Currently, Tongue depressor are made up of wood.

Blacksmith surgical tongue depressors:

Black Smith are manufacturers of best high quality Tongue depressor Black Smith's Tongue depressor are made up of very high quality stainless steel. These Tongue depressor are passivated to fight against corrosion in case of stainless steel Tongue depressor. These are made up of high quality stainless steel or wood. Stainless steel Tongue depressor are available in dull, sand and mirror polished versions. Certain quality assurance tests are conducted on these dental instrument to ensure high quality.


Blacksmith surgical tongue depressors packing:

Black Smith Tongue depressor are available in best quality packing. Black Smith Surgical Instruments Manufacturer is providing a high quality packing of different types. These Tongue depressor are available in export quality, sterilized and bluster packing.