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Syndesmotomes is a dental instruments used by dentists for the removal of roots. It has a flat handle and a hooked tip for efficient removal of roots. Syndesmotomes is made of stainless steel. It is available in a variety of types depending upon shape of tip and handle.

Blacksmith surgical Syndesmotomes are very efficient because their effective and excellent design. They have very comfortable handles which provide excellent handling during dental operation. Blacksmith surgical Syndesmotomes are made of high quality stainless steel which ensures their efficiency in dental work. Blacksmith surgical dental instruments help dentists to carrying out dental operations with best results across the world. Blacksmith surgical makes it possible for dentists to achieve better results of dental operations by providing a high quality of dental instruments

Blacksmith surgical does not only manufacture the Syndesmotomes of their designs, but also produces the designs as per customers’ description. Blacksmith surgical Syndesmotomes are ultrasonically cleaned and passivated to fight against corrosion. Their dental instruments are passed through various tests to ensure a high quality reaching to customers. Blacksmith surgical Syndesmotomes are available in mirror, sand and dull polish.

Blacksmith surgicalis the manufacturer of high quality dental instruments which are trusted across the world. Blacksmith surgical does not only manufacture high quality dental instruments but also high quality packing of various types. These dental instruments are available in a variety of packing i-e export quality, bluster and sterilized packing.