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Splinter Forceps



Ask a question about this product


Ask a question about this product


Splinter forceps, in dentistry, are used to retrieve retained root fragments where a regular sized extraction forceps cannot gain access.  Splinter forceps are commonly used dental instruments since it is very common that dentists experience or witness the presence of a retained root fragment. Extraction cases vary from person to person and from the different positions of the teeth to be removed in the dental arch. Some teeth are located on the most distal end of the dental arch and some hanging on the anterior most position. Imagine a root fragment which is almost covered with gums on the most distal portion of the upper dental arch, without the splinter forceps, a dentist would experience difficulty retrieving it. You may sweat blood and tears proving to the patient that you are a worthy dentist and that the procedures you perform are worth their every penny. This is where Blacksmith surgical expertise comes in; they have the finest tips of varying sizes of splinter forceps that you may select from. Splinter forceps have serrated tips for proper grip. Some cases in the dental office can be really tough but with the proper dental instruments nothing is too tough that you cannot handle.  Blacksmith surgical doesn’t want to humiliate you in your practice of your profession, in fact it wants dental professionals to be always at their best in dealing with trusting patients.  Blacksmith surgical makes sure that trusting patients get the exceptional kind of treatment that they deserve.

The quality of the dental instruments that a dental professional uses contributes greatly to the kind of practice of profession that she performs and the number of patients trusting her. Splinter forceps with the perfect size could have better performed what your bare hands could not reach. Imagine without splinter forceps and you needed to use your hand to retrieve a root fragment that far away from your reach and imagine having to loosen it from the socket using hands. It could earn unfavourable feedbacks from patients because they will find it unhygienic even if you are wearing disposable gloves, or even the sterile one. It will be very hard to use the thumb and the index finger where a root fragment is located to far inside the mouth and with your entire hand reaching for it inside, it will make the patient really uncomfortable. Splinter forceps are made for this purpose.