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Periodontal Instruments


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Periodontal probe is a dental instrument used in the diagnosis of gums diseases.

How it works?

Periodontal probe is a long stick made of metal. Its tip is needle shaped which is marked with fine lines. The tip of the probe is actually the measuring device. The Periodontal probe is slipped in the diseased area or pocket to measure the depth of pocket with its tip. The deeper the probe goes into the pocket the more sever would be the gum disease.

Types of periodontal probes:

Periodontal probe come in different designs and styles. Use of the particular design is decided by dentist according to the ease of probe for patient.

Material of periodontal probes:

Periodontal probes are made either of stainless steel or surgical steel. Sterilization of periodontal probes is extremely important. An autoclave is used for this purpose.

Blacksmith surgical periodontal probes:

Blacksmith surgical manufactures the high quality periodontal probes, made of high quality stainless steel or surgical steel. These periodontal probes are passivated to fight against corrosion. These are available in dull, sand and mirror polished versions. Certain quality assurance tests are conducted on these dental instrument to ensure high quality.

Blacksmith surgical periodontal probes packing:

Blacksmith surgical periodontal probes are available in best quality packing. Blacksmith surgical is providing a high quality packing of different types. Blacksmith surgicall periodontal probes are available in export quality, sterilized and bluster packing.