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Injection Syringes


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Injection syringes also known as dental syringes are used to dispense sealed dental cartridge containing anaesthetic solution in times that numbness to the surrounding soft tissues and teeth are essential to treatment. The dental injection syringes are dental instruments used in surgical procedures and in all branches of dentistry where complicated treatment is to be performed that might inflict pain on the surrounding hard and soft tissues in the oral cavity. In loading the dental cartridge to the injection syringes, we follow few simple steps: Pull the plunger up then insert the dental carpule or a glass tube containing the anaesthetic solution. The dental carpule has two ends one with metal end and the other with cork to keep the anaesthetic solution without air or bubbles inside. Insert the dental carpule with the metal end by sliding it to the threaded end of the injection syringes, and the end with rubber cork on top for the plunger head to be firmly seated on the rubber cork. Place a dental needle on the threaded end of the syringe by twisting/removing the top cap of the needle and then inserting the short end of the needle to the soft, thin rubber held in place by the metal end of the dental carpule and then turning it clockwise, to lock needle in place. Now it is ready for use by a dental practitioner or a dental anaesthesiologist to lessen the discomfort of the patient in a complicated procedure. Don't forget to not dispose the cap of the needle for proper disposal, after use.

These injection syringes are the dental instruments most feared about by patients when going to the dental office. It causes anxiety to the patients, not all but majority who have fear of visiting the dentist. Paediatric patients or the children are the most fearful of injection syringes. Blacksmith surgical made changes to the design of their injection syringes aiming to lessen the anxiety of the patients, especially the children while being treated by a dentist. Injection syringes which used to look big, thick and heavy has undergone innovations to erase the old perception of people that it hurts when they are injected. They made variations on sizes that they manufactured smaller, thinner and light weight injection syringes so as not to scare patients from seeking dental treatment. Blacksmith surgical creates quality and friendly looking dental instruments which are competitive when it comes to price. Dental instruments could really send shivers to patients being treated, Blacksmith surgical made improvements to make dental treatments less stressful.