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Dressing Pliers


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Dressing pliers are part of the four basic dental instruments used in every treatment done in a dental office. Dressing pliers, unlike the splinter forceps which have serrated tips, have smooth tips to take out sutures and dressings placed after performing a surgical procedure. These dental instruments are fabricated ranging from different tip sizes to fit it to even the smallest areas that the bare hands couldn’t anymore reach. These dental instruments help in the removal of sutures after a surgery making that appointment less stressful to the patients thinking that sutures are painful to remove because they are just being pulled out.  Blacksmith surgical makes sure that these sutures can be properly and carefully removed totally without causing so much discomfort to the patients. Retained non-resorbable suturing thread which happened to embed itself to the gums would later on cause inflammation to the surrounding soft tissues when the dentist fails to remove it. Dressing pliers are as important as any of the surgical dental instruments on the tray set up. These dressing pliers could have other use not listed in books and references but it could be very helpful with orthodontist’s work as he could use it to hold the elastics while putting them in place with the aid also of a dental explorer.  Blacksmith surgical doesn’t limit dentists on the use of the dental instruments they supply because they are really meant for the comfort of both the operator and the patient. If dentists are not aware of this purpose and does not feel comfortable in doing so, the dressing pliers still remain as important as any of the dental instruments on the tray set up because just as an area in the oral cavity needs to be operated on, it needs to be sutured and dressed well after the surgery for a beautiful healing afterwards.

Blacksmith surgical supplies straight tips, angled tips and curved tips at different degrees to make ease of delivery of the dental procedures.  Blacksmith surgical supplies dental instruments with the highest quality and its aim are to provide the best quality care to the patients while giving the dentists the peace of mind in carrying out the procedures easily. Investing on quality dental instruments still proves to be playing the major role in the success of the dental treatment going hand in hand with the dentist’s skills.  Blacksmith surgical encourages the dental professionals to make sure they buy only the best dental instruments because they can last a life long practice of the profession without get ting stained.