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Dressing Forceps


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Dressing forceps are used by dentists to pull of dead tissues and foreign particles from the wounds. There is a variety of types of Dressing forceps depending upon the shape of their tips. Some types look like tweezers, some have blunt tips etc. Some types are similar to scissors. These dental instruments are made of high grade of stainless steel. Blacksmith surgical Dressing forceps are very efficient in removing dead tissues. They are made of high quality stainless steel to ensure best results.


Blacksmith surgical is manufacturing a high quality of dental instruments. Blacksmith surgical is serving the mankind by helping dentists to carry out dental operation with 100% perfection. It greatly focuses on quality of dental instruments so that dentists are confident during dental surgery. Blacksmith surgical does not only manufacture the Dressing forceps of the designs produced by their engineers but also those asked by customers.


Efficiency of dental operations is entirely dependent on the quality of the dental instruments used in the operation. Blacksmith surgical Dressing forceps are made of high quality material which assures that they are the best brand for dental instruments. Their Dressing forceps are ultrasonically cleaned and passivated to fight against corrosion. Blacksmith surgicall Dressing forceps are available in dull, sand and mirror polish.


Blacksmith surgical dos not only intend to focus on high quality of instruments but also high quality of packing. Blacksmith surgical Dressing forceps are available in bluster, export quality and sterilized packing.