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Dental bone roungers


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Bone rongeurs are the dental instruments used by dentists for cutting tough tissues and for cracking the gross deposits of the dental calculus. Bone rongeurs are forceps which have sharp edges and scoop shaped tips to cut the tough tissues. Bone rongeurs are made of high quality stainless steel to provide efficient gouging. These dental instruments are used in oral maxillofacial surgery to correct the injuries of jaws and oral tissues.


Blacksmith surgical bone rongeurs are made of high quality stainless steel to ensure efficient cutting and cracking of deposits of dental calculus. Blacksmith surgical has a vision to improve the quality of life and it is achieving its goal by manufacturing high quality dental instruments that are helping dentists carrying out dental operations confidently. Blacksmith surgical is manufacturing high quality bone rongeurs of superb designs which their engineers produce. Aside from manufacturing designs by their engineers blacksmith surgical also manufactures those asked by customers with close tolerances.


It is obvious that a successful dental operation is dependent upon the quality of the dental instruments used. Blacksmith surgical gives preference to customers’ satisfaction. For this purpose blacksmith surgical bone rongeurs are made of high grade stainless steel and are sterilized. These dental instruments are passed through various tests to satisfy the customers about the quality. Certain performance tests, boil tests, shape tests etc are carried out to ensure that a high quality is reaching to the customers. Blacksmith surgical bone rongeurs are available in a variety of polishes i-e dull, sand and mirror polish.

Blacksmith surgical does not only focus on the quality of their dental instruments but also their aesthetics. They greatly focus on the packing quality of their dental instruments. Blacksmith surgical bone rongeurs are available in a variety of outclass packing. These bone rongeurs are available in bluster, export quality and sterilized packing. For all sizes and shapes visit our website.