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Crucible Tongs


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Crucibles are containers used to heat substances at high temperatures. They are usually made of porcelain type material.

What are crucible tongs?

Crucibles tongs are the instruments to hold the Crucibles. These are made of welded steel.Crucibles tongs are used by dentists in dental work.

Blacksmith surgical tongue depressors:

Blacksmith surgical are manufacturers of high quality Crucibles tongs. Blacksmith surgical Crucibles tongs are made up of very high quality weld steel. These Crucibles tongs are passivated to fight against corrosion. They are available in dull, sand and mirror polished versions. Certain quality assurance tests are conducted on these dental instruments to ensure high quality.

Blacksmith surgical tongue depressors packing:

Blacksmith surgical Crucibles tongs are available in best quality packing. Blacksmith surgical is providing a high quality packing of different types. These Crucibles tongs are available in export quality, sterilized and bluster packing.