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Chip Blower


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Chip blower is a dental instrument which has rubber bulb connected to a long metal tube used to blow gust of air to get rid of tooth debris from drilling. It is very useful in the practice of dentistry and when I say the practice of dentistry, it means concerning all its branches. Chip blower is an essential dental instrument in all kinds of treatments in the dental office. When we need to isolate a tooth for thorough checking of the presence of cavities, whether a new cavity or a recurring one, the chip blower is so important to make a correct diagnosis. A tooth which has been previously restored and filled needs to be checked with a chip blower to make sure that there is no sensitivity upon a blow of air which is indicative of microleakage. When microleakage is present in a previously restored tooth, the filling needs to be removed totally and excavated up to the part which has been infected by carious lesion and then replaced with a new filling. During a restorative treatment, proper isolation of the tooth is a must. Before a filling is done tooth must be properly isolated with cotton and good quality chip blower is very important to keep the field dry. A chip blower that doesn’t dehydrate the cavity preparation but helps maintain the moist environment required for a good restoration. Dehydrating a tooth leads to hypersensitivity after the dental procedure. Patient would come back complaining or persistent pain after the procedure which they expect to disappear after seeking help from a professional. Be careful in choosing the supplier of your dental instrumentBlacksmith surgical cares about your practice as a professional by providing the best equipment at a competitive price, prioritizing the wellness of the patients.


The success of the dental procedures performed doesn’t only rely on the skills of the practitioner alone but the quality of the  dental instrument used to perform the procedure. Blacksmith surgical fabricates the best quality dental instrument to cater to the needs of the dental practitioners in carrying out treatment with favourable results. The chip blower that Blacksmith surgical creates, blows the adequate air needed to dry the environment without overly drying or dehydrating the area which can lead to hypersensitivity. It is very important to know that the  dental instrument you have in your offices meet the specifications in providing quality dental care which trusting patients deserve.