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A beautiful smile plays very important role in beautifying our appearance. People who often smile are considered peaceful and happy. For a beautiful smile dental health is very important. There are many tools that help get healthy teeth.

Burnishers are dental instruments that are usually used at the end of the dental operation. They are used to shave off extra fins. Burnishers are used for several other purposes:

  • Burnishers are used for emphasizing the grooves
  • They are used for removing scratches after the dental operation.
  • They are used to polish the teeth after operation.

What are burnishers?

Burnishers are dental instruments with working ends angled. These ends may be rounded or smooth. Burnishers can be single ended or double ended.

Types of burnishers:

There are many types of burnishers available in market. The different types of burnishers depend upon the angle of their working ends as some are with rounded ends while the others are smooth ended:

Black smith surgical burnishers:

Blacksmith surgical are the manufacturers and suppliers of best quality burnishers. These burnishers are of high quality stainless steel. These burnishers are passivated for rust protection. They are ultrasonically cleaned and polished in dull, sand or mirror polished. They are undergone certain tests i-e boil test, shape test and performance test to assure high quality.

Blacksmith surgical packing:


Blacksmith surgical does not only provide best quality dental instruments but also provide best and quality packing. Blacksmith surgical provides export quality packing, sterilized packing and bluster packing.