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Ask a question about this product


Articulators are dental equipment that hold the mold of the maxillary and the mandibular arches showing their vertical and horizontal relationship when in occlusion or during function. They hold a record of patients' occlusal relationship or the relationship of the maxilla (upper) and mandible (lower) when they are in occlusion. These molds held together are used as reference when studying s patient's case. Patients' needs differ because each has unique occlusal relationships. Like in orthodontic treatment where the patient's teeth alignment and occlusal relationships are being corrected for aesthetic reasons and patient's comfort. The articulators keep a record of the patient's mold before and after treatment, as reference for the dentist and as proof that case has been corrected. Articulators are  dental instruments which are important in most dental treatment. During a patient's initial visit, a mold may be taken to check on abnormalities, radiographs and photographs are taken so that the dental professional would know the individual needs of her patients. In prosthodontics, the branch of dentistry dealing with the replacement of missing teeth in the oral cavity, Articulators play a very important role in the success of the treatment. When a tooth or a set of teeth are missing and needs replacement the patient's mold is taken and the vertical and horizontal relationship of the maxilla and the mandible are studied carefully so as to restore the patient's normal occlusion.  Articulators are dental instruments which are considered major players in the practice of dentistry. Articulators are semi-adjustable, acting as the condyle showing that the mandible is freely movable in relation to the maxilla.

Blacksmith surgical
produces articulators with high level of precision and design that no articulators of competitors could match.  Blacksmith surgical ensures accuracy through vertical and horizontal pins showing occlusal relationship of the maxilla and the mandible. These dental instruments make sure that even if the mold is moved from one place to another, dentists should never fear losing the accuracy of the occlusal relationship that they have already set. Blacksmith surgical manufactures these articulators never to lose calibration when set, making the dentist lose confidence about the measurements sent to the laboratory. These  Dental Instruments come in plastic and metal.