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An appendectomy is an emergency type of surgical procedure; the purpose of which is the removal of the inflamed vermiform appendix. Once surgical intervention is not performed, the inflamed appendix could rupture and cause systemic infection, and consequently, lead to death. The operation involves making an incision over the Mc Burney’s point, and the different layers of the abdomen are opened. Next, upon gaining entrance in the peritoneum, the appendix is identified. The appendix is immobilized and then ligated. Finally, each layer of the abdominal wall is closed. The goal of appendectomy is to relieve the pain through the removal of the inflamed organ. For this procedure, an appendectomy set is utilized by surgeons. Blacksmith Surgical has an Appendectomy Set that helps surgeons perform more efficiently during the operative procedure.

The set is composed of a comprehensive sixty-seven (67) pieces of instruments. Some of the most important instruments are the scissors and forceps. The Metzenbaum scissors are used for cutting delicate tissues while the Mayo scissors are used for cutting body tissues near the surface of the wound. Allis forceps are included for grasping fascia and tendons, the Mc Indoe for dissection and the Babcock’s for holding a short part of the intestine without compressing it. Instruments for haemostasis are used too, like the Criles Forceps and Spencer Wells. For the retraction of the incision, a special US Army Retractor is employed. Along with these, Blacksmith Surgical adds the most basic surgical tools in the Appendectomy Set like the Kochers, Lane and Adson forceps, scalpel handles and needle holders, gallipots and kidney dishes, and others are included in the set.

The surgeons prefer surgical instruments that help them perform their operation well. They need reliable scissors that would cut through delicate tissues easily. Apart from purpose, the durability is also taken note of. The highest priority in any operative procedure is to make sure that every step of the process is done skilfully. Blacksmith Surgical has the Appendectomy Set that will make the goal possible. The company promises production of high end instruments made by enhanced materials because it aims to fulfil its vision to improve the quality of life of people through manufacturing great instruments. The company’s product line is composed of thousands of patterns of precision crafted instruments. Blacksmith Surgical guarantees that every instrument is made of sturdy, best quality stainless steel, designed to exacting resistance and measurements and meticulously subjected to test for reliability and safety.


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Set Description of item Qty
1 Metzenbaum Scissors 20cm TC Curved 1
2 Metsenbaum Scissors 20cm TC Straight 1
3 Mayo Scissors14cm Curved TC 1
4 Mayo Scissors 14cm Straight TC 1
5 Scalpel Handle # 4 2
6 Allis Tissue Forceps 15cm 2
7 Kochers Tissue Forceps 1:2 4
8 Mcindoe Forceps 15cm 1
9 Babcocks Tissue Forceps 16cm 2
10 Mayo Hagar Needle Holder 16cm 2
11 Sponge Holding Forceps 2
12 Backhaus Towel Clamps 11cm 4
13 Criles Forceps14cm curved 8
14 Criles Forceps14cm Straight 6
15 Spencer Wells  Straight 18cm 6
16 Spencer Wells Curved 18cm 8
17 U S Army Retractor 21cm 2
18 Adson Forceps 12cm 2
19 Adson Forceps 1:2 12cm 2
20 Lane Forceps 1:2 18cm 2
21 Forceps 16cm 2
22 Gallipots 4
23 Kidney Dish 8" 2

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