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Dressing Set

Rapid covering and healing of both acute skin defects and chronic skin defects are important objectives for wound healing. The best way to heal a wound is to close it according to surgical standards as quickly as possible after injury. Dressing may help reduce infection in moderate to heavily exuding partial and full thickness wounds including: pressure ulcers; venous ulcers; diabetic ulcers; donor sites; traumatic and surgical wounds. Various types of dressing can be used to accomplish different objectives including: controlling the moisture content, so that the wound stays moist or dry; protecting the wound from infection; removing slough; and maintaining the optimum pH and temperature to encourage healing. Wound dressing is a common task to make, but it is not always simple, for doing it aseptically is a must. Blacksmith Surgical manufactures the best instruments for a Dressing Set to aid the health care worker perform the task more efficiently.

Blacksmith Surgical’s Dressing Set constitutes fifteen (15) basic instruments used for applying and changing wound dressings. There are the different forceps: dissecting, sinus and sponge holding forceps. The Dressing Set also has the basic of the scissors: ligature, dressing and mayo scissors. Blacksmith Surgical puts in the set miscellaneous items such as lotion bowls for containing different liquids and solutions, kidney dishes for to receiving soiled dressings and other medical waste, and an instrument container.

Blacksmith Surgical knows one fact: medical workers all around the world depend the success of the procedures that they perform not only upon their skills and knowledge but also upon the quality of the instruments they use during the occasions. The instruments in the Dressing Set provided by Blacksmith Surgical are absolutely the finest, for they are manufactured using the best of materials there is. Apart from their durability, Blacksmith Surgical instruments also are completely safe and easy to use. All kinds of equipment by Blacksmith Surgical, known for delivering optimum performance, surely gain continuous positive remarks.

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S.No. Set Description of item Qty
21 Dressing Set

Forceps, dissecting, Straight, 1/2 teeth, 130 mm 2

Forceps, sinus, 180mm 1

Forceps, Dissecting, Straight, Plain, 115 mm 2

Forceps, Sponge holding, 200mm 1

Scissors, Mayo, Straight, 150mm 1

30. Scissors, dressing, Straight, 165mm 1

Scissors, ligature, spencer, 130mm 1

Bowls, lotion, s/s,         5 liter 1

Bowl lotion, s/s, 0.2 liter 2

Kidney Dish, 24cm 2

Instrument container, s/s with cover, 300x200x50mm 1


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