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Dressing HC Set

Dressing is an adjunct used by a person for application to a wound to promote healing and to prevent further harm. A dressing is designed to be in direct contact with the wound, which makes it different from a bandage, which is primarily used to hold a dressing in place. A dressing can have a number of purposes, depending on the type, severity and position of the wound, although all purposes are focused towards promoting recovery and preventing further harm from the wound. The key purposes of a dressing are for sealing the wound to expedite the clotting process; soaking up blood, plasma and other fluids exuded from the wound, containing it in one place; removal of slough and foreign objects from the wound; protection from infection and promotion of healing. For these purposes, Blacksmith Surgical introduces a Dressing HC Set that would aid the workers in the health care team to perform this simple procedure.

Blacksmith Surgical’s Dressing HC Set constitutes fifteen (15) basic instruments used for applying and changing wound dressings. There are the different forceps: dissecting, sinus and sponge holding forceps. The Dressing HC Set also has the basic of the scissors: ligature, dressing and mayo scissors. Blacksmith Surgical puts in the set miscellaneous items such as lotion bowls for containing different liquids and solutions, kidney dishes for to receiving soiled dressings and other medical waste, and an instrument container.

The highest priority in wound dressing procedures is to make sure that a sterile technique is followed. Blacksmith Surgical has the Dressing HC Set that will make the goal possible. Blacksmith Surgical promises production of high end instruments made of enhanced materials because it aims to fulfil its vision to improve the quality of life. The company’s product line is composed of thousands of patterns of precision crafted instruments. Blacksmith Surgical guarantees that every instrument is made of sturdy, best quality stainless steel, designed to exacting resistance and measurements and meticulously subjected to test for reliability and safety. With this, Blacksmith Surgical, because of manufacturing only the best instruments, endlessly receive recognition from different medical facilities worldwide.

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S.No. Set Description of item Qty
20 Dressing HC Set
Forceps, dissecting, Straight, 1/2 teeth,130mm 2
Forceps, sinus, 180mm 1
Forceps, Dissecting, Straight, Plain, 115mm 2
Forceps, Sponge holding, 200mm 1
Scissors, Mayo, Straight, 150mm 1
Scissors, dressing, Straight, 165mm 1
Scissors, ligature, Spencer, 130mm 1
Bowls, lotion, s/s,         5 liter 1
Bowl lotion, s/s, 0.2 liter 2
Kidney Dish, 24cm 2
Instrument container, s/s with cover,  300x200x50mm 1

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